PREVIOUS HISTORY from 4-Jul-2001 to 9-Dec-2001
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  9-Dec-2001          11,000 HITS SINCE OPENING
02-Dec-2001 reply to Eddie Bandy Question added
26-Nov-2001 Eddie BANDY (1889 -1975)  Collin Co. Texas added to Wants
  Lisa Thompson added to Contacts
  Charlotte Bandy Bunnell email address reinstated
12-Nov-2001 Descendants of William Bandy (c1815) founder of the elder Australian line added
  Family overview updated to include 2 Australian branches and other information
  Clarence L. Bandy, Jr. email address changed
  Charlotte Bandy Bunnell Invalid email address removed
  Millie Vanlaningham added to Contacts


US Census Returns extended to include 1880 data, thanks to Dale, JoAnne and Burt
  Nancy Hider Bandy (1820-1893) added to Family thanks to Jo-Christy Brown
  an old deed added to Family Photos thanks to Tracy Vandel
18-Oct-2001 Smithy news item from John Howard Bandy added to raw data 
  Beverly Bandy added to Contacts
  Donna (Bandy) Dews added to Contacts
  Anna Bandy (18 Dec l795-1878?) added to wants list
  Tennessee Pension Rolls of 1835 added to raw data thanks to Sarah Waterman
6-Oct-2001 Descendants of Edward (c1650) replaces Wing branch
  Gloria Lange added to Contacts
  Marsha Carmichael added to Contacts
  Angel (Bandy) Johnson added to Contacts
  Glotel business entry updated
  Carolina Baby business entry address updated
  Michelle Bandy Gibson added to Contacts
12-Sep-2001 4 new will translations added
  10-Sep-2001          10,000 HITS SINCE OPENING  still over 14 a day
  George Otis Bandy of Pike Co. Ohio added to letters
  In Memoriam of Fred Richard Bandy Sr added to Family announcements
  Fred Richard Bandy Jr  email address changed
  James Bundy email address changed
25-Aug-2001 Ken Bandy's Data Base of English Bandys  upgraded to Version 2 Aug 2001
  Wedding Photo of Christopher Bandy & Michele Lawson added
  Graham Bandy email address changed
  Jenny Annette Bandu name corrected  to Bandy
12-Aug-2001 Descendants of Thomas Bandy (c1757-1782) of Waddesdon (the WING branch) added
  Jenny Annette Bandy added to Contacts
  Jeff & Marlene Bandy added to Contacts
  Burt Eubank email address updated
  Lori Edwards added to Contacts
28-Jul-2001 English BANDY, WARD, OWEN, WHITE connections sought added to Wants   
  Hilda Klein added to Contacts
4-Jul-2001 John Frazier Bandy mystery solved in Wants section
  Mary G "Sandy" Cooper added to Contacts
  Douglas M Bandy new email address added
4-Jul-2001 9,000 HITS SINCE OPENING -  average 14 per day over the last two months

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