PREVIOUS HISTORY from 9-Dec-2001 to 1-Jan-2004
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 1_Jan-2004  20,000 HITS SINCE OPENING

26-Oct-2003 Minor updates
19-Jul-2003 John Andrew Bandy added to Researchers
  John S Bandy added to Researchers

 18-May-2003  18,000 HITS SINCE OPENING

20-May-2003 Jane Cummins Task Force Report updated
  Nathan Bandy added to Researchers
  Ken Allen added to Researchers
4-May-2003 Leigh Michael Bandy added to Researchers
  Lee R Bandy added to Researchers
  Helen Bandy added to Researchers
8-Mar-2003 Harold Blaine Bandy Jr.added to Researchers
10-Feb-2003 Jane Cummins Task Force Report updated
1-Feb-2002 Photo of Thomas Cucumber Bandy (E19-1086) thanks to Harold Bandy Jr
17-Jan-2003 Jane Cummins TASK FORCE kicked off
10-Jan-2003 Jane Cummins question asked again
  Will of SUSANNAH BANDY of Mile End, Middlesex of 1762
  Will of THOMAS BANDY of London of 1793

  15-Dec-2002  16,000 HITS SINCE OPENING

15-Dec-2002 Photo of Bill "Alabama" Bandy added thanks to Fred Richard Bandy Jr
07-Dec-2002 Photos of Eldridge W Bandy and his bros & sisters thanks to Donna O'Neill
  Donna E. O'Neill added to Researchers
  Ross Bandy added to Researchers
  Paul Bandy added to Researchers
18-Nov-2002 UK 1901 Census details added to raw data
20-Oct-2002 Rodney J Marks added to Researchers

  18-Sep-2002  15,000 HITS SINCE OPENING - 14.3 hits a day over last 200 days

06-Sep-2002 photo of vault and obituary of Elizabeth Bandy Faulkner from Jim Zielinski
03-Aug-2002 Bandy-Oldaker Reunion details added
02-Aug-2002 Derek Bandy email address changed
  Lee R. Wylie added to Researchers
30-Jul-2002 Founding BANDY Fathers collection of genealogies added
Thanks to Jane Bandy Eubank & Samuel Burton Eubank and Dale Bandy
28-Jul-2002 historical overview updated (minor amendments)

  13-Jul-2002  14,000 HITS SINCE OPENING - 13.52 hits a day over last 200 days

5-Jul-2002 Technical update
3-Jul-2002 details of "When Whippoorwills Call" by John Allen Bandy added
  historical overview updated
  John Allen Bandy added to Researchers
20-Jun-2002 The sad death of Elsie Bandy in Peoria, 1933 supplied by Susan B. Andrews
  Chris Bandy added to Researchers
  Charlene White added to Researchers
  Jennifer Hurrle added to Researchers
  Richard Andrew Bandy contact details updated
26-May-2002 John Frazier Bandy genealogy updated
  Donell Frank Ramirez added to Researchers

  3-May-2002  13,000 HITS SINCE OPENING - an average of 12.23 hits a day since inception

30-Apr-2002 photo of Graham Bandy added (from himself)
  photo of William Bandy added thanks to his son Graham
  William Bandy& wife Rosaline Austin photo added thanks to Cheri Robinson
  Nancy Bishop contact details updated
  Richard Andrew Bandy added to Researchers
27-Mar-2002 family reunion on July 28, 2002 in Olympia, Washington
  Dreama Freeman added to Researchers
8-Mar-2002 researchers with invalid email addresses removed
  Laura McCarter added to Researchers
  Mike Bandey added to Researchers
26-Feb-2002 David Carroll Bandy Jr added to Researchers
  Ron Bandy II added to Researchers
  one household from US 1920 Census from Cheri Robinson
  Janet (Bandy) Makin  added to Researchers
  Philip Bandy added to Researchers
  Christine Campbell-Jolly added to Researchers
  Clarence L. Bandy, Jr contact details updated
20-Feb-2002 Louis M. Bandy photo added thanks to Doris Manley
  William Spencer Bandy (1857 - c1938) photo added thanks to Doris Manley
  Nancy Bishop added to Researchers
  Gail Buckles contact details updated
  Tracy Watkins email address changed
  invalid email addresses noted on researchers page

  18-Feb-2002         12,000 HITS SINCE OPENING

17-Feb-2002 1900 Census and full index added thanks to Dale & JoAnne Bandy and Burt Eubank
09-Feb-2002 children of Franklin's photos added, thanks to Lori Gibbs
  Doris Manley email address changed
01-Feb-2002 test upgrade & transfer to Windows & Office XP on new computer
  Charlotte Bandy Bunnell address changed
  Emma Bandey details removed from researchers page at her request
19-Jan-2002 Will of John of 1602 in Hardwicke, GLS added to raw data
  Doris Manley added to Researchers
  Joyce A Bandy added to Researchers
  Deborah L Sitlington added to Researchers
17-Dec-2001 Angel (Bandy) Johnson email address changed
10-Dec-2001 We Join the GOONS (Guild of One-Name Studies)

  9-Dec-2001          11,000 HITS SINCE OPENING

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