Data Base of UK references

This is an experimental data base which contains over 1500 references to the Bandy family in the UK 
You can search the data base using the form below.

Please try it out and let me know what you think of it,  based upon your feedback, I will either abandon the 
idea or develop it further.

CAUTION - this data comprises indexed and contributed material, it is only a reference to the original sources 
and may contain transcription errors ( or even wishful thinking! )

source codes are:
AF      =   Ancestral File (available at
BBI     =   Buckinghamshire Burials Index (on this site)
BMI    =   Buckinghamshire Marriage Index (on this site)
IGI      =   International Genealogical Index (available at
MMI   =   Middlesex Marriage Index (on this site)

Forename begins with OR
Town begins with


source town event date Surname1 Forename1 age notes1 of1 Surname2 Forename2 notes2 of2 Groom's Father Bride's Father Witnesses church/place county country
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